Europeiske provides insurance for expatriates all over the world. Through our Euro-Centers and our dedicated expat claims team we aim to give our expat clients the best possible service.

Here you will find a summary of the basic coverage and the medical coverage, in addition to the complete terms and conditions and teh general claims procedure.

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Basic and medical coverage

Please note that this is general insurance information, please check your proof of insurance or with your employer for any variables.

Basic cover comprises the following:

  • Cancellation

    Covers cancellation costs of up to NOK 40,000 per person/up to NOK 100,000 for family members when a journey has to be cancelled due to acute illness, accidental injuries or death suffered by yourself, your single travelling companion or someone in your or your companion's close family, or when you are unable to travel as a result of a burglary or fire, etc. occurring at your residence, place of business or office and such requires your presence.

  • Delays

    Covers the cost of travel and overnight accommodation of up to NOK 1,500 per person - up to NOK 4,000 for family members - when transport organised by the travel operator fails to run as planned as a result of weather conditions, technical faults or a traffic accident involving such transport.

    If a delay lasting for at least 2 hours causes you to arrive too late to catch pre-paid transport and such has been caused by weather conditions, technical faults or a traffic accident involving such transport, we will cover the cost of catching up with your planned travel itinerary by up to NOK 20,000 per person and up to NOK 50,000 for family members.

    The cost of purchasing essential items of clothing and toilet articles will be covered if your luggage arrives more than four hours late on your outward journey, by up to NOK 3,000 per person for private trips and by up to NOK 6,000 for business trips.

  • Personal luggage

    The cost of any luggage lost or damaged as a result of theft or vandalism, etc. will be covered by up to NOK 30,000 per person/up to NOK 60,000 for family members. Lost money will be covered by up to NOK 3,000 per person/NOK 6,000 for family members, passports and tickets by up to NOK 10,000, valuables by up to NOK 15,000 per person/ NOK 20,000 for family members and any other individual items by up to NOK 10,000 per claim.

  • Employer's property

    In addition to personal luggage, this insurance will also cover any losses/damage to property belonging to employers by up to NOK 15,000.

  • Liability insurance

    This insurance covers any legal liability in damages that you, in your capacity as a private individual, might incur while travelling outside your own municipality, in accordance with the current legislation which applies in the individual countries concerned, by up to NOK 6,000,000.

  • Legal aid

    Covers the cost of legal aid if you, in your capacity as a private individual, become involved in a dispute which occurs while you are posted abroad and you require legal aid, by up to NOK 20,000.

  • Being called home

    We will cover any essential and extraordinary travel expenditure incurred when the insured party has to travel back to his/her home country due to someone in their close family suffering from a sudden and serious illness or serious accidental injury, and to attend funerals. The sum insured is up to NOK 60,000 and also includes a return journey to the place where the employee concerned has been posted.

  • Calling out close relatives

    We will cover the cost of travel and accommodation for up to two close family members when the insured party suffers from an acute, serious illness, serious accidental injury or death.

  • Personal property

    This insurance covers the contents of the insured party's permanent residence at the place where he/she has been posted, by up to NOK 100,000. Deductible NOK 3,000.

  • Accidents

    Accident insurance can be included subject to agreement.

Medical insurance comprises:

  • Hospital admission and day surgery

    Covers expenditure incurred in connection with essential medical treatment resulting from acute illness, unexpected deterioration of an existing illness, accidental injuries or death.

  • Calling out close relatives

    We will cover the cost of travel and accommodation for up to two close family members when the insured party suffers from an acute, serious illness, serious accidental injuries or death.

  • Out-patient treatment prescribed by a doctor

    Up to NOK 65,000 per person per year, to cover the cost of consultations with a GP/specialist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, naprapath, psychiatrist or psychologist, as well as the cost of essential blood tests, prescription drugs, essential vaccines, samples/tests and X-rays.

  • Ambulance transport

    This insurance covers the cost of essential ambulance transport.

  • Dentists

    This insurance covers up to NOK 6,000 per person per year for the cost of acute dental treatment.

  • Pregnancy and birth

    This insurance covers the cost of planned and normal births, including pregnancy check-ups, by up to NOK 80,000 per birth.

  • Medical evacuation

    This insurance covers medical transport to the nearest approved treatment facility if satisfactory treatment is not available wherever the insured party is staying.

  • Home transport

    This insurance covers essential expenditure on extraordinary home transport to the place where the insured party has been posted or to his/her home country after hospital treatment has been concluded. In the event of death, the cost of transporting the coffin/urn to the home locality of the deceased will be covered.

Terms and conditions

The insurance is valid 24 hours a day at the station abroad. The insurance is also valid for all business travels and leisure/recreational trips, regardless of duration.

The personal property insurance has a deductible of NOK 3.000 per incident. There are no other deductibles.

Complete terms and conditions

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