Coronavirus information

Domestic travel: European Travel Insurance does not cover cancellation of domestic travel as a result of the authorities' measures to limit unnecessary travel in Norway. Contact the airline or tour operator for any rebooking of the trip. When you travel domestically, the travel insurance applies as normal.

Bankruptcy: Travel insurance does not cover loss of vouchers or travel that is canceled as a result of bankruptcy. If you have paid for the trip with a debit or credit card, you can complain to the bank or credit card company to get your money back.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice: The travel insurance covers cancellations to all countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to at the time of departure. The trip must be paid for before 14 March 2020 or while the country was marked yellow / green in FHI's map. The travel insurance is valid for travel in Norway and in countries or areas where the travel advice is revoked (yellow countries). If the country is marked yellow on departure, the travel insurance applies, even if the country turns red during the trip. Everyone who travels abroad must familiarize themselves with Norwegian and other countries' rules for travel and infection control.

Travel insurance and corona pandemic information


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