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Our worldwide network

Europeiske is the only insurance company in Norway with Worldwide Network. For you as a customer, this means that we are never far away and that we know the conditions where you are. Both can be critical when a crisis must be resolved, or when you need competent medical help. Our network also includes Sjømannskirken's Churches abroad.

Our Euro-Centers

We cooperate with Sjømannskirken to provide direct and local assistance in more areas. You can see localization of Sjømannskirken's Churches on their own website.


Drammensveien 264
0283 Oslo

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Mailbox adress

Postboks 234
1326 Lysaker

Your travel card

If you take our Europeiske App along with you when you are travelling you will always have your travel card with you. And you will have access to Europeiske Emergency Centre and global assistance on your trip.

Start with downloading the app, thereafter the travel card. Call us if you want us to send you your travel card.

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