Services for Expatriates

Here you will find relevant information about Europeiske's Insurance for Expatriates. We have made a summary of the basic coverage and the medical insurance, in addition to the complete terms and conditions and our general claims procedure.

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Report a claim

To report a claim, please choose one of the following options

Contact the Euro-Center covering your location

Be sure to have your policy number and all documents related to the case at hand. Click here to find your designated Euro-Center

File your claim directly on our website

Click here to select the appropriate form. Once the form is submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours (or the first weekday) with a case number and instructions on how to submit the required documentation.

Medical insurance and coverage

Please note that this is general insurance information, please check your proof of insurance or with your employer for any variables.

Out-patient treatment
Fees for consultation with a GP/Specialist

Up to NOK 65.000 per. insured person per year.

Physical therapy/chiropractic treatment
Psychiatric treatment
Medical tests and x-rays
Medicine, bandages/casts
Out-patient treatment

Paid in full

Hospital stays, incl. nursing care and medicine

Paid in full

Doctor's fee for examination and surgery

Paid in full

Operations and treatment/stay in intensive care

Paid in full

Examination and treatment for cancer

Paid in full

Pathology, lab-tests and physical therapy

Paid in full

Psychiatric treatment of up to 90 days

Paid in full

Hospital stay for one parent, when a child under 18 years old is admitted for treatmen

Paid in full

Other medical coverage
Ambulance transport

Paid in full

Medical evacuation or repatriation

Paid in full

Return travel or replacement

Paid in full

Pregnancy and Birth

Up to NOK 80.000

In-home Nursing Care

NOK 1.200 per day for up to 30 days/year

Acute dental treatment

Up to NOK 6.000/year

Basic coverage
Personal property

Up to NOK 100.000

Summoning home, sudden illness/death

Up to NOK 60.00

Summoning of close relatives (max 2 persons)

Paid in full

Personal Liability

Up to NOK 6.000.000

Legal expenses

Up to NOK 100.000

Personal luggage, one person

Up to NOK 30.000

Personal luggage, family

Up to NOK 60.000

Employers belongings

Up to NOK 15.000

Cancellation of trip, per person

Up to NOK 40.000

Cancellation of trip, per family

Up to NOK 100.000

Terms and conditions

Complete terms and conditions