Important information related to the corona pandemic

Travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FHI

The corona pandemic is constantly evolving and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) advises against travel that is not strictly necessary to areas with a high spread of infection. It is important to keep up to date on information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) if you still want to travel abroad.

Follow the information from NIPH

The National Institute of Public Health has published a map of EEA / Schengen countries, divided into red and yellow areas (formerly red and green areas). The map will be updated when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces which countries they advise against traveling to and which do not.

If you are traveling, it is important to follow which countries / areas are marked yellow or red. The colors are decisive for whether the travel insurance is valid, and whether the travel insurance covers cancellation of travel there.

See map on FHI's website

Where and when is travel insurance valid for private travel?

  • You can buy travel and travel with valid travel insurance to Nordic areas and EEA / Schengen countries that are marked yellow on NIPH's map.
  • Other countries in the world are red and the global travel council is currently valid until January 15th. 2021.
  • The travel insurance is valid if departure is at a time when the country / area is yellow. If an area / country is marked yellow on departure from the residential address, but changes to red on the trip, the insurance applies to the trip, without exception and including corona-related incidents.
  • The travel insurance does not apply to trips that are started when the area is red. The insurance also does not apply if the area changes to yellow when you are on the trip, if the area was red when the trip began.
  • There must be an evacuation advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the travel insurance to cover evacuation from an area that goes from yellow to red while you are staying there.
  • If the area you have purchased travel to changes from yellow to red before the time of departure, the travel insurance covers cancellation of the trip.
  • The travel insurance does not cover cancellations of trips that are booked or paid for when the area is red. This applies even if the area you want to travel to has lifted the ban on entry.
  • It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice and whether areas are red or yellow, which is the basis for whether the travel insurance covers cancellation, not the government's recommendation that Norwegian citizens should avoid unnecessary travel abroad.
  • Everyone who travels abroad must familiarize themselves with Norwegian and other countries' rules for travel and infection control.

Note that the travel insurance is only valid for the number of travel days for which you have purchased travel insurance. It is not possible to extend the number of travel days on a commenced journey.

Business trips

For travel insurances bought by a we cover the company's employees on necessary business trips to all countries, and it is up to the company itself to assess what is necessary. Employees who travel on necessary business trips will be covered by the insurance terms in the usual way - also for expenses for necessary medical treatment that arise on the business trip, including any COVID-19.

If the insurance also covers holiday and leisure travel, private travel to «red countries» will not be covered. Private trips to countries that are yellow on the departure date are covered in the usual way, even if the country turns red while you are out. But then the traveler must count on the quarantine when returning to Norway, and bear the disadvantages and costs of this.


  • In some countries, there may be limited access to healthcare and transportation services, as a result of COVID-19. This can mean that any medical assistance in a case can be affected by this, and give a worse customer experience than expected. But such cases must be reported to the European Alarm Center in the usual way, which will assist with the best possible assistance through the good network we have abroad.
  • Any additional costs that arise due to the situation, e.g. local infection control measures and the consequences of this, are expenses that the company itself must cover. It can e.g. be extended hotel stays and postponed return journey by quarantine, etc.
  • They must familiarize themselves well with - and comply with - the infection control rules that apply, both in Norway and in the country they are to visit, and arrange themselves in the best possible way so that you do not expose yourself or others to infection.

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When does the travel insurance still apply?

Based on the authorities' exceptions, the travel insurance will still apply to the following trips:

  • Transport journey from yellow to yellow area, but where travel through red area is strictly necessary. For example, a stopover at an airport in the Red Country is ok and the travel insurance is valid. The transit in the red area must be without accommodation and in accordance with Norwegian and local authorities' guidelines.
  • Travel where the Norwegian authorities have decided on an exemption for quarantine when you return to Norway (for example a day trip to a holiday home in Sweden to perform strictly necessary maintenance and inspection).


These rules apply to cancellations as a result

  • For travel purchased to a yellow / green area 15 July or later (15 June for the Nordic countries):
    If the area turns red and it is not recommended to travel 14 days or less before departure, we reimburse the expenses that the airline or tour operator is not obliged to reimburse according to current rules.
    This also applies to travel with partial payment, but it presupposes that the first payment was made while the country / area was yellow / green. If the country / area changes from yellow to red, and the subsequent installment is due when it is red, the travel insurance also covers this installment if the trip is not completed as a result of travel advice 14 days or less before departure.
  • For trips purchased before 14 March: You can cancel the trip regardless of when the trip will take place, as long as it is not recommended to travel. If the area should turn yellow, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no longer advises against traveling, you must cancel within seven days of the council having ceased. For areas that first turn yellow and then red again, the rules above apply and we cover cancellations made 14 days or less before departure.



Cancellation of a journey

Evacuation from abroad


Help abroad

You should contact your nearest Norwegian foreign service if you need assistance abroad.

Use our emergency telephone only if you need urgent medical assistance abroad: + 47 21 49 50 00


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