Important about the Corona-virus

How to cancel a trip

  1. Contact your airline or tour operator to cancel your trip. Clarify what you will be reimbursed so that you have an overview of what expenses you may have to pay yourself
  2. Apply for compensation for lost expenses with us, by filing your case online


Wait to contact us if it is a long time to your travel

A cancellation to be covered by us must be canceled by airline / tour operator by April 14 - so there is no rush to report the matter to us.

What does the airline / tour operator cover?

  • If the trip is canceled, you are entitled to a refund from the airline / tour operator
  • If the trip is not canceled, you must first cancel the voyage with the airline / tour operator and get the refund you are entitled to from them


This is covered by the travel insurance

  • Based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's travel advice, we cover cancellations of travel to all other countries around the world, regardless of the departure date. Cancellation must be made during the period between March 12 and April 14.
  • In the period up to March 12, individual travel advices, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FHI, were issued to various countries and areas of the world. If you cancel your travel abroad within 14 days of the issuing of such travel advice for the relevant country / region, you may be entitled to compensation for expenses not covered by your airline or travel company.
  • We do not cover cancellation of domestic travel.


When will you respond to your injury case?

We now have a huge turnaround, and the treatment time can take several weeks. But you can rest assured that you will receive help, we will take care of all matters. We ask you to be patient in this particular situation.

How do you report the case to us?

Apply for compensation for lost expenses by filing your case with us online.

Have this at hand when seeking compensation

  • Social security number for the persons in the traveling party for which you are seeking compensation
  • Amounts / receipts for what you want compensated
  • Information about what you might be reimbursed by airline / tour operator / hotel


Alarm Center

Our 24-hour Emergency Centre is tailored for emergency medical aid when travelling. Learn more