Evacuation from abroad - Corona pandemic

On March 14th. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised all Norwegian citizens abroad to return home as soon as possible. In order for travel insurance to cover the additional costs of evacuation, the evacuation must have been done as soon as possible after this council was given.

Due to the time that has passed since the Foreign Ministry gave this advice, we no longer cover evacuation home to Norway. If you have not been able to return home until now, due to acute illness, ban on departure or other circumstances that have been beyond your control, please contact us.

What can travel insurance cover if you have to go home?

  • Additional travel expenses that you do not get covered by the airline / tour operator, provided you followed the evacuation council as soon as possible.
  • Compensation for canceled holidays.

This does not cover travel insurance

  • Additional costs for evacuation are not covered for return trips that were not booked as soon as possible after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice was given on March 14.
  • Costs incurred before the Foreign Ministry's advice on evacuation were given on 14 March.
  • Travel abroad with departure after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel advice.


What does the airline / tour operator cover?

  • If prepaid return / hotel is canceled, you are entitled to a refund from the airline / tour operator / hotel.
  • If prepaid return / hotel is not canceled, you must first investigate the possibility of rebooking your return / cancellation hotel with airline / tour operator / hotel.

When will you respond to your injury case?

Unfortunately, it will take several weeks for us to get an answer from us. However, we continually staff up and work on high gear to help everyone as quickly as possible! Thanks for understanding and help in a difficult time.

How do you report the case to us?

Apply for compensation by reporting your case to us online.

Have this ready when you seek compensation

  • BankID / BankID on mobile
  • Social security number for the persons in the traveling party for which you are seeking compensation
  • Overview / receipts of your additional expenses that you wish to be reimbursed