Cancellation of a journey - Corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is constantly evolving and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened up the possibility to travel to all Nordic countries and from July 15th. to the EEA / Schengen countries. The exception is that you should not travel to areas in these countries with a high spread of infection. More information about criteria and which countries this applies can be found on the website of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Travel to countries in the rest of the world is still not recommended until August 20th.

For countries and areas that no longer have travel advice, travel can be carried out with valid travel insurance. If you travel to countries other than those who have been granted exceptions, we still cover cancellations regardless of the travel date.

The deadline for reporting damage to us is one year after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the global travel advice, March 14th. 2021.

If you have a scheduled trip abroad

The situation may still change, so you can wait to cancel your trip. If the travel advice still applies when your travel is to take place, the airline / tour operator will cancel your travel and they are obliged to give you the money back. We will not be able to process your case until it is clear how much you will get from the airline / tour operator. In many cases, this will not be clarified until just before, or after the departure date.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cancels the travel advice to where you are going and you do not want to travel anyway, we give you another 7 days after the cancellation to cancel the travel with airline / tour operator in order to receive compensation with us.

You must always cancel your trip before you report the matter to us

Whether you choose to wait or cancel now, you must always cancel your travel with the airline / tour operator and have clarified what you will be reimbursed by them before you report the case to us. Only what you may not get refunded by them, can be applied to be covered from us.

If the airline / tour operator cancels your travel before you cancel yourself, you are entitled to a full refund from them.

What the travel insurance covers

We cover cancellations of travel to the world, regardless of time of departure, and which are canceled by airline / tour operator during the period from March 12th. until 7 days after the end of the UD travel advice. We cover expenses paid before March 14th. and which the airline / tour operator is not obligated to reimburse.

This is not covered by the travel insurance

We do not cover cancellation of domestic travel.

If you buy a trip during the period the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling, you will not be covered for cancellation of the trip if this advice is still valid at the departure date.

How to report your case to us

You apply for compensation for lost expenses by filing your case online. You can do this up to one year after the relevant travel advice was issued. (However, you must cancel your travel with the airline / tour operator no more than 7 days after the travel advice ceases).

When will we respond?

Unfortunately it will take several weeks for us to respond. However, we continually staff up and work on high gear to help everyone as quickly as possible! Thanks for understanding and help in a difficult time.